At Age Check Certification Services Ltd we are committed to ensuring and protecting your privacy at any time you are on our website, using our applications or communicating electronically with our team. We have reviewed our privacy policy to take account of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Our Privacy Policy is contained below and provides an explanation as to how we may use the personal information you provide to us or any we collect through legal means. We are registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner (registration number Z2660898).

We update our privacy policy from time-to-time, so you should regularly refresh your understanding of what we do with your data.

1. Information we collect from you.

Data can be collected and processed when our website or applications are in operation by you. The following are approved methods of collection:

1.1 If you register for information or complete a purchase, by filling out a form we can collect the information provided. We use Worldpay (UK) Ltd or PayPal Services to process any payments that you make to us on our website. This means that we do not collect any card payment information from you. You can view the privacy policies of our payment processing providers here - Worldpay | PayPal.

1.2 Traffic data, weblogs, location data, and any other communication can be collected. These details come from your visit to our site and any resource tools you use while on the site. We use this information to help us to provide and improve our services to you.

1.3 Any communication on our website or to our personnel allows us to collect information.

2. Use of Cookies

Circumstances may arise when we may need to gather information about your computer to help provide appropriate services or products to you. The data gathered is solely statistical data. We do not share your data with any third party advertisers. We do not host any third party advertisements on our website or through our applications.

The facts collected about you are statistical only. No identifying information will be shared about our visitors and how they made use of our site. No personal details will ever be shared.

Cookies are used to collect general online usage by using a cookie file. If used this cookie file is downloaded without prompting. It will be placed on your hard drive with information transferred to the hard drive allowing the cookies to be used for data collection. A cookie is used to improve any services/ products, or overall website characteristic we offer you.

Any computer has the option to decline cookies. Your web browser options include a "block" button to decline cookies. It is imperative that you understand by declining cookies you may be limiting your access to sections of our website and applications. You may find that the website or applications will not perform all of their functions.

This website, along with most other major websites, use cookies. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to the cookie file on your computer's hard disk. Cookies enable users to navigate around the website and (where appropriate) enable us to tailor the content to fit the needs of visitors who have accessed the site.

Age Check Certification Services Ltd uses two types of cookie on this website:

(a) Session cookies, which are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your computer until you close your browser (at which point they are deleted).

(b) Persistent or stored cookies that remain permanently on the cookie file of your computer.

Cookies cannot look into your computer and obtain information about you or your family or read any material kept on your hard drive and unless you have logged onto an authenticated page, cookies cannot be used to identify who you are. Cookies cannot be used by anyone else who has access to the computer to find out anything about you, other than the fact that someone using the computer has visited a certain website. Cookies do not in any way compromise the security of your computer.

Cookies will not be used to contact you for marketing purposes. Cookies may be used to record details of pages relating to our services that you have visited on this website. This is to provide us with generic usage statistics to allow the company to improve this website and to provide you with information that may interest you.

In order to develop this website in line with customer needs Age Check Certification Services Ltd is working with Google to track usage on this website. Google Analytics provides statistics to show which pages on this website are visited most frequently and how long visitors spend on this website.

Google Analytics uses a cookie to track the number of unique users of this website. It basically tells us whether the website has a small number of regular visitors or a large number of infrequent visitors. None of the information can be traced to an individual - we do not know who you are as a unique user, merely that there are a certain number of people using this website. The cookie only relates to what goes on in this website and the information cannot be used for marketing on an individual basis.

The web browsers of most computers are initially set up to accept cookies. If you prefer, you can set your web browser to disable cookies or to inform you when a website is attempting to add a cookie. You can also delete cookies that have previously been added to your computer's cookie file.

You can set your browser to disable persistent cookies and/or session cookies but if you disable session cookies, although you will be able to view this website's unsecured pages, you may not be able to log onto any authenticated pages. Please visit to discover how to disable and delete cookies.

3. Use of Your Information

Information stored and collected about you allows us to improve our services or products for you. Added to this parameter, we may use your information for the following purposes:

3.1 Any commitment we make on a contracted basis.

3.2 If the information is requested from our website concerning services or products offered, we may use your data. Products or services which may be of interest to you can also deem a communication from us if permission has been granted.

3.3 Notification re- changes or improvements may be sent to you in regards to product or service changes that could affect our service to you.

3.4 Existing customers can be contacted on the topic of goods or services related to a previous sale if we feel you might be interested in these additional topics. We may also use your data to remind you that you may need to refresh your training (which is typically only valid for 3 years), any licences that you hold or certifications.

3.5 Added use of your data may include permission for third parties to use your data. This permission would be granted by you in regards to unrelated products or services that may be in your interests. We or third parties can only contact you in regards to this information if consent has been provided for information collection.

3.6 Third party contact or communications from our website, as a new customer, is only made if you have granted us permission. These communications are only offered for the information you consented to and no other unrelated information.

3.7 Data that you do not want us to use or third parties to use can be withheld, once consent has been given regarding our collection of your data. We will always provide you with an opportunity to decline communications and our or third party data usage.

3.8 Identifiable data, which could be used to disclose who you are, is never shared with third parties.

4. Storing Your Personal Data

Outside of the European Economic Area are places for storing and processing data we collect from you. We may take advantage of these outside areas, allowing our staff to process data collected from you. These processors may work for our suppliers. The transfer of this data may include processing and completing your order on our site, such as utilising your payment information or offering support services. We take all reasonable processes to ensure your data is secure and in agreement with our Privacy Policy as outlined here.

Secured servers are used by our company to ensure proper data storage. Information on transactions is kept encrypted for safety measures. We do not have access to and do not store any information about any credit or debit cards used for payment for our goods and services.

Transmission of data on the internet can never be ultimately secure. We do not and cannot guarantee the security of information collected electronically or transmitted; however, we take all necessary steps to provide the best security available. As a result of our inability to guarantee safety, you are submitting information to us at your own risk. Where needed a password may be necessary to access areas of our site. You are responsible for the safety and confidentiality of the password you generate.

5. Deleting Your Personal Data

You can ask us to cease processing your personal data at any time. All of our email communications include either a facility to unsubscribe (for our marketing communications) or a link to our generic email address - both of these functions are monitored and we will remove you from our database if you decide to unsubscribe from our communications.

We may be under a duty to retain some information about you for the performance of any legal contract or for any other legitimate purpose, such as records of training, licensing or certification. Where such a duty exists, we will explain this duty to you if you request us to cease processing your personal data. Deleting it may have the effect of invalidating any training, licence or certification that you hold.

6. Disclosing Your Information

You can ask to see the personal data that we hold about you by making a Subject Access Request. Any such request can be sent to

We do not routinely share any personal data with third parties. We do not supply our customer information to any third parties for the purpose of marketing their goods and services. We do not sell our customer database to any third parties.

However, Personal Information to third parties may be disclosed if we sell all or a section of our business or assets to a third party as a part of a transfer to new ownership or if we utilise your information within our wider group of companies, such as subsidiaries, holding companies and their subsidiaries only if deemed appropriate.

Legal requirements may mean a sharing of your information. Users should be aware that law enforcement officers have powers to obtain information about you from us. We will share this information with them in accordance with their powers. This can include information about when you visited our site, provided information to us and the nature of that information.

We may also disclose your personal information for the purpose of lowering credit risk and fraud protection.

7. Third Party Links

Links might be discovered on our site that belongs to third parties. Any third party website on our site has a privacy policy. You should check their terms. We do not accept liability or responsibility for their privacy policies, based on our lack of control over these third party links.

8. Access to Information

The Data Protection Act 1998 was established to govern online electronic communications. The act gives you access to any data we have about you.